Mod Tutorial: Part 8

So, now you've finished your mod. Congrats! Now what?

Step 21. Getting your mod on the New Campaign Trail Mod Loader

Getting it on the loader is not that complicated, if you ask me. The main point is this - make sure it follows the guidelines and submit it in the right format. Remember - no Google Docs, and make sure you playtest before submitting!

Official Mod Loader Standards

  • At least one side of the mod must be complete. Typically, ~25 questions are the average mod size, but you are free to go lower, so long as it fulfills these requirements. Don't leave unfinished questions, and make sure your answer effects function as intended.
  • If a candidate or running mate isn't playable yet, mark it clearly in their bio.
  • While many elections are clearly historical, mods should not be overly racist/sexist/homophobic etc. Again, we understand historical context plays into writing, but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. Look to stuff like the 1968 Wallace base game for a good example of a bigoted character that isn't unnecessarily colorful with their language. If you think it might cross a line, you're free to ask us.
  • The credits must all be in order. Sort it out with whoever you consulted beforehand.
  • Preferably, include a square (1000x1000) image for the mod on the loader, such as seen in the image below. It does't have to be anything too fancy, but it'll default to a generic image otherwise.
  • Ultimately, what ends up in the loader is at the discretion of the NCT Development Team. We reserve the right to not add anything even if it checks these boxes off. These standards are also subject to change.

You may also wonder what each of the licenses mean. Here's a TL;DR

  • Commercial: The writing in your mod will be allowed to be used commercially.
  • Non-Commercial Apache:: The writing in your mod will not be allowed to be used commercially.
  • Non-Commercial LGPL: TLDR: The writing in your mod will not be allowed to be used commercially. The code in this mod will comply with the various conditions of the copyleft LGPLv3 license.

Submitting a Mod

Now what you'll do next is go to this Google Form and follow the instructions. The best way to submit them is through a link to a GitHub project, with the mod's name in the files being what shows up for display_year. For example, if I made a mod called '1920b' the name of the code 1 would be '1920b_init.html' within the project. Likewise, if the playable candidate and his running mate are James Cox and Roosevelt, the code 2 would be called '1920b_CoxRoosevelt.html'.

The mod file name should match up with what appears right here.


This is what the file names should look like.


If there's spaces in the last name or mod name, keep them in the file name.


I check the form often, and I usually see all the mods that get dropped.

Step 22. Getting your mod on the Campaign Trail Showcase

Getting your mod on Campaign Trail Showcase is a little different. You'll need a GitHub account if you don't have one already. The CTS team (and NCT team too) highly prefer mods get submitted with a pull request - where you make a fork of the code, make changes, and submit it as updates to the main project.

Submitting a Mod

Now what you'll want to do is go to this link, and follow the instructions to make your own issue on the project. You'll need to link the project codes from elsewhere - like the previous step, a GitHub project works best. If we need anything else, you'll be contacted about it.

Of course, anyone is able to add their mods locally via Campaign Trail Showcase.


I'll keep this brief. I can't promise that making a mod is easy. I also cannot promise that your first will be everything you envisioned. But what I can promise you is anyone can make a good mod with the right amount of effort and dedication.

Consider this - my very first mod was 1936b. The old one, not the redux I published. It's bad - really bad. Basic writing, incorrect margins, many problems. The very first mod ever - 1964, has been rebuked by its creators. Everyone learns, and everyone grows. Take your time, stay determined, and you can create just about anything with this engine.

- Apollo Astronomical