My Works and Projects

This page is a collection of projects and works I've done. It'll hopefully grow over time.

New Campaign Trail

You can either play it right here, or (preferably) visit our website which can found right here. My work on this game has been updating the mod loader, along with the addition of banners and themes to the site. I've also three mods for the site.

New Campaign Trail Mods

In total, I have released 3 mods for New Campaign Trail. All 3 are free and accessible on the website by going to the Mod Loader.

The first, 1936b, is an alternate retelling of the 1936 election, with Huey Long surviving an assassination attempt and clinching the Democratic Nomination at the convention in a wild upset. As Huey Long, you must keep the large Democratic coalition from 4 years prior united in an effort to stop Landon. As Landon, you must try to gain momentum against a chaotic Democratic Party and win back the White House. I released this one back in about Fall of 2021 and its very obvious its my first mod. I'd like to go back to the idea someday, or maybe make some small tweaks.

The second, 1936, sees a more accurate rendition of the events of our timeline. As Roosevelt, your main goal is to win all 48 states, and broaden your coalition from 4 years ago. As Landon, you must try to secure a very narrow path to victory and minimize Republican losses in the United States Congress. This mod is based on 1936b, but it's a lot less balanced and very difficult to win as Landon (in fact, you have to pick Borah as your running mate and must have luck on your side). Roosevelt's main challenge is to win every state, which is doable.

The most recent is 1876, a hyper-close election that was famous for the contested nature of it. As Hayes, you must balance the typical stances of Republicans with the reformist, anti-corruption sentiment of voters. As Tilden, you must press your credentials while also leaning away from the Democratic Party's southern base at the time.