Contact Me

Looking to contact me or find my various socials? You've come to the right place! If "ItsAstronomical" is taken on a site, I probably am using "ItsAstronomics" (which is pretty often).

Twitter - @ItsAstronomics, I'm fairly active on there and I do respond to DMs.

Twitch - ItsAstronomics, I try to stream on Fridays, but that doesn't always happen.

Discord - Tag is Astronomical#3005, I tend not to add folks with no mutual servers, but if you join the New Campaign Trail Discord, you'll probably be able to communicate with me.

Reddit - /u/ItsAstronomics, you can usually find me in /r/thecampaigntrail, almost like I am a developer for the game or something!

YouTube - Astronomical, I don't upload too frequently since my videos are edited and that takes time. But the ones I do have up are solid in my opinion.

GitHub - ItsAstronomical, usually using this to update New Campaign Trail.