About Me

Hello, my name is Astronomical. You can also call me Astro, or Apollo. Pronouns are He/Him. I'm a Pennsylvanian with a interest in Law (and Politics). In terms of political opinions, I'm pretty progressive - I campaigned for John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro in 2022. I do like to discuss with both sides of the aisle, although I do not like political extremism. My prediction for the 2022 midterms was almost completely accurate. I got the Senate exactly right, and only got two Governorships and 12 House seats wrong (6 for each party, so you should trust me, I know what I'm talking about). If you have any questions on Pennsylvania politics, I will gladly try to answer.

Some time in late 2021, I became a 'developer' for New Campaign Trail, a community-ran continuation of the decade-old web game by Dan Bryan. My main focus is community driven aspects - from Twitch streaming new mods, to updating the mod loader and engaging with the Community. I also wrote the Mod Tutorial, which can now be found on this site.

Besides politics and New Campaign Trail, I also like other things. Have you ever played Celeste? Well, I have, and I've even beaten Chapter 9: Farewell. Minecraft's also one of my favorite games, and any good old 2D platformer can help kill some time. I'm also a fan of Breaking Bad. There's probably more I could list, but I won't bore you with all the details.


What's with the site theme?

  • Good question. This isn't actually hosted on neocities, although the theme was from neothemes, so thank you to them. I definitely wanted a mix between a '90s, neocities' theme without too much going on. The background was also taken from here.
  • I'm new to New Campaign Trail, where do I start?

  • Start with playing an election you know well enough. Mods have a lot more potential features compared to the base game, from themes and special endings based on how many electoral votes and certain answers you pick - to even a fully functional 'choose your own adventure' feature. The possibilities are limitless! Some great mods in my opinion are 2008, 1972, and the 50-question 1864. My own 1872 and 1876 are also very good, in my opinion. There's also plenty of alternate history content too!
  • What is making a mod for New Campaign Trail like?

  • Honestly, I'm not an expert on programming. But it's honestly not that difficult - you just need to be patient. There's a bit of a learning curve which I attempt to address with the Mod Tutorial, but once you get the hang of it you should be fine. My own personal opinion is that it can be tedious at times, but that the end result is satisfying.
  • I like your character, are you a furry/protogen?

    Astro NO
  • No disrespect to furries, but my character, Astro, isn't a fursona, or a protogen. He's a human with a Astronaut helmet. The person who drew much of the artwork you see added the visors, and I think they unintentionally started to look like cat ears? But underneath the helmet is a perfectly normal human.
  • Hey, can you help code my New Campaign Trail mod?

  • I don't take requests like that. I pick what I want to work on, assemble a writing team if needed, and assemble everything. Modding is something anyone can do in my opinion, but if you have any questions, or are running into an error, I can try to answer them. Just know I can't solve every problem and I sometimes get busy.